As a child, my mother told me all about these wonderful dogs and how they love to protect children. The stories she told me how they would search and rescue lost travelers in the snow and where one would run back to the Hospice, barking and leading the monks to the lost traveler. This is where I started my interest in Saint Bernards. I grew up with x breeds from animal shelters and always wished that one day I could own my very own Saint Bernard. The day arrived when I was 15 years old. She was a 18 month old Saint Bernard bitch. Her owners left the country and offered her to my mom. I still remember when my mom came home and told me about her and asked me if I would like to have her. This was my dream that came true and promised my mom that I would take care of her. Finally the day came to fetch her and I waited for my parents to come home with her. It was a sight I would never forget as my dad drove up the driveway. My mom sitting in the back of the car and a big excited Saint Bernard sitting on my mom's lap. The window of the car was covered with drool, my moms face was just about blue from the weight of the dog. The back door of the car opened and out jumped "Simba" last ....I put my arms around her and I was treated by a thousand slurps. I must of been a sight to see as I ran off in the yard with my dog..... " The toffee apple and his dog" :-) I still remember that day like it was yesterday and my dad complaining how tuff it was to clean the drool of his car window. This to me was the most treasured gift my parents ever gave to me.
Simba lived with my parents after I got married at 23 years of age. We had our first son Richard when I was 24 years old and as we that time lived in a apartment we could not keep the dog. We visited my parents every weekend and it was so wonderful to see how Simba would want to take care of our son. She would lie down on the floor and we would place Richard by her stomach where she would pant him to sleep. Simba was never bred from as she was not registered, but was a typical Saint Bernard with a heart of gold. She lived to a ripe old age of 10 and half years old before she was put to sleep.  I will never forget her.
This page is for all the young children who are intrested in their Saint Bernard's and to the parents who make it possible to own one. To the parents, please teach them to love and respect that these wonderful dogs. Because one day who knows, they could become your future handlers, owners and breeders to this majestic breed. Teach them the rights from wrongs so that they can preserve this wonderful dogs for their future generations. Teach to keep the breed at heart and fight against the puppy mills ;-)

Horst Kranz


        Castor Von Bismarckturm and a friend                                                Kirsty and Ch. Richtavier Du Chardonnay

Richard and Ch. Richtavier Amasco

Still today when I see these children with these noble dogs, reminds me of the wonderful memories I have had with my dogs. God said " One has to become like a child again before we can enter the kingdom of God". I guess I have never grown out of that feeling evertime I keep a puppy for myself:-)