Libra is of the most positive for partnership. They  actually want to be with you and work well with you in the show ring, obedience, on the trail or  in harness.  The dog that has Libra in its chart somewhere in a prominent position, ( Sun in Libra, Moon in Libra, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Libra, or even Saturn in Libra) is one to seriously consider.  Libra also has a sense of fairness and is generally pleasing to look at. Libra dogs can be clowns at the best of times, always trying to bring a smile on your face.


Virgo is good for grasping and understanding.  Virgo is a good student, for a working dog and can be a positive element if placed somewhere in a good home.  Mercury in Virgo, in particular, is a good placement.  Virgo can be choosey, and may be prone to skin problems. Virgo is systematicaly in its ways and can also be able to retain things. They are proned to be  more sensitive, so you can not be too pushy to a Virgo dog..  Virgo dogs are also a joy  to live with  as they  like choosing only what is good and are easily disgusted if they do not get their own way.


If you are selecting for attractive looks for showing, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio are a good choice.  Leo is a born showman, the one who can take all the applause and stand in the middle of the Group ring and enjoy all the attention arround him, loving every minute of it. He could be the top winner and generally is a potentical show off, knowing that no one is better than him in the ring A pleasing dog to work with and generaly shows himself, but can be stuborn if he is not in the mood.


Aquarius dogs can show no interest than that of the case of a Leo. He still enjoys group activities and showing would fall well into his category.  Aquarius is not normally  quite as strong in health wise as a Leo,  but other tempermental factors can come into play here.  They have an ability to get along with  strangers and can be very sensitive at times.


Scorpio,  especially on the Ascendant in the Sun sign, or mars in Scorpio can produce a certain attraction in the show ring.  Scorpio has a well-developed physical body with a lot of presence, is strong in quality, has a certain  magnetic  charm. This dog will rather consider himself as a perfectionist than a failure. They are usauly easy to get on with, but likes to challange you in doing his own way at times. On the day when he shows, he can be a great winner.


Pisces,  well what can I say, this can be a real dream dog to show. Pisces can simply glide around the ring and  take your breath away.  Pisces also seem to have a guardian angle floating arround them, a sort of dreamlike quality. a prettiness, can even be found in the males. They give you the impression that they are too good to be true. This is a dog that can easily climb in your heart and make its home their permantly, even in companion form.


These dogs try very hard to win in a positive sense, but can be independent in their own way.  Aries though, has a pretty strong character and can take a lot of stress, providing they do not have to struggle too much in getting there. If they know excactly what you want in training they are absolutly a dream to show. But on the other hand they can be difficult to train if they do not know what is required. A trainer who trains them must try and approach this dog with a more of a common sense of life and not generalise him with other dogs in training methods.


Capricorn dogs are like Aries, that try really hard to win. Although Capricorn  can be slow starters and sometimes not attractive to look at.  They are most probably the most determined dogs of all the signs. So a late starter can be the dog who can keep going,and is very steady dog  with a good deal of stamina and endurance. They are ideal make up for a working dog and are very loyal in companioship.


Taurus dogs, can be very stubborn when trying to teach them something. They act as if they are stupid, but can remember things once they learnt them. They can be amazing time after time what they are capable of doing. They could even shock the best of the best, when they set their minds to it.


Gemini is a quick learner and usually very alert and game for anything.You have to watch out for them as they only learn the surface of things and also can be "big jaws". Gemini are very caring dogs and will look after the young of other dogs have been put out in the kennel.  They bring youth, especially when dealing with  Capricorn dogs who generally looks old.  This dog must have  other strong pack order placement in order to make it a successful dog.


Sagittarius are athletic type of dogs and can be another really up and ready dog, sign with a strong sense of order. They also like a great deal of freedom. They are great explorers and  a good fence would be necessary for this type of dog. They will probably add some excitement in the show ring, but would rather go with you on your safaris and would rather just stay at home by the fire than being a show dog.
He is very lovable and game to run in the street with the kids and play.

Susan Kranz