Click here for Zulu's song given to him by his daddy Amadeus

This is Champion Haulmark Zulu, who has recently passed away.
He is an excelent example of the FCI type Saint Bernard.
Zulu was owned by Horst Kranz & Audrey Hauptfleisch and loved and cared for by Audrey.
Zulu was not capaigned for a while as he was yet to mature. Before he was withdrawn to mature he proved himself to be a worthwhile dog by becoming the top Saint Bernard Show dog in 1996, at the age of 2 years. Zulu was 4 years old and well matured enough to return to the show ring and ready to claim back his previous title of "Top South African Saint Bernard" before he suddenly passed away.
Zulu was also the brother to Ch Richtavier Excalibur but from the third repeat mating with Ch Montacrie Amadeus of Richtvier as his Sire and Ch Richtavier Du Chardonnay as his Dam. Zulu has proved to his father that the next generation has got it and the Amadeus Legend will forever live in his offspring picking up where he left off.

Here are some more great pictures of Zulu


Zulu you will be sadly missed by all that have met you, thank you for being a "Saint" in more ways than one and we all hope that the new land will be peacful and happy. Zulu, you passed on before your babies were born, and you have missed out on the beauty that you have produced, and they will continue your line with the majesty and honour of which you had and have passed on to them.
Thank you for the memories and love you shared with us.
Zulu you will live on in our memories and hearts, till we meet again.