Because she is my friend.....

She is someone easy to believe in my friend, my faith.
She is my moon glow when the night has fallen,
my path, my light, my way I could not wait,
why should I wait, to tell her with a Woo woo and a kiss
She is my shelter when the storms are coming, my weather, my rain
She is destination when I am always running,
I love her so...
I could not wait to tell her,
though I've shown her many times,
the love she's brought into my life
I'll never know how to express myself
how to tell her everything and I bowl her over
She is my mistress she is my friend
I'll die for her my only mistress, my very best friend

 Susan  Kranz

Nikita was a rescue dog and he was in a terrible state when I got him at 30 months of age. He has turned out to be a good example to the breed and is the sire of our new Mal ......Richtavier Jamaican Hawk known as "Daddy Hawk" who adores and loves Horst. Since the loss of our Saint Bernard Amadeus, Hawk has been Horst's salvation to our dogs and has given him the courage to carry on in dogdom. One can have so many dogs at home and love them all......but there will always be that extra special one for all of us. Sooo....the bottom line is, if you ever loose that special friend in life, a door is opened for new love to enter. The choice is yours and it depends on one's self if we allow it to happen. ;-)

Susan Kranz