ACTIVIR® Cream stops fever blisters in their tracks (2)(3).

ACTIVIR® Cream. 27/20.2.8/0466
Each 1 gram of cream contains 0.05 grams of acyclovir.
Glaxo Wellcome South Africa (Pty) Ltd., Old Pretoria Road, Midrand. 1685.

(1). Smith KM, Ritchie DA, Introduction to Virology, 1st ed.
London: Chapman and Hall Ltd 1980 : 108
(2). Fiddian AP, Yeo JM, Clark AE. Treatment of herpes labialis. J Infect 1983, 6 (Suppl): 41 - 47
(3). Fiddian AP, Yeo JM, Stubbings R, Dean D. Successful treatment of herpes labialis with topical acyclovir, Br Med J 1983: 286: 1699 - 1701.
These products available over the counter through pharmacy outlets in South Africa

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