Fay Loewenthal's Judaica

Inspired by the creative talents of famous Jewish artists such as Marc Chagall, Fay Loewenthal creates unique and interesting Judaica earthenware that is highly decorative and functional too.

Havdalah sets, kiddush sets, chanukiot, and was bechers are just some of the wonderful vessels which this talented artist creates that can also be used in day to day Jewish rituals. Each item is individually hand made thereby ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.

Prices for these smaller items are available upon request, starting at about US$50.00 for was bechers (ritual hand washing vessels). Prices exclude postage and packaging.

A more detailed line of larger decorative vessels is also produced. These include large pots with strong incised images of Jerusalem scenes or prayer at the wailing wall. Once again, each pot is individually hand made and decorated, and since the pots that are available for sale at any moment in time are dependant upon the artists latest output, we suggest it is best to contact her personally for details of her latest works.

Enquiries are always welcome by contacting the artist personally at: fayralph@intekom.co.za

Click here to visit a gallery of Fay's work