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Southern Africa Country-by-Country Grass Species Guide & Common Grasses List

The Common Grasses of Southern African Countries
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The diversity of Southern Africa's natural habitats is matched by its diversity in wildlife. Southern Africa is home to many grass species -- check out the country lists for more localised information.

Southern African Grass Species Checklist : Poaceae : Gramineae
Interesting facts about the Grass Family
Southern African Grasslands
African Savannah Biome
Grassland Ecology Management in Southern Africa

Country-by-Country Grass Species Guides:

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:: Botswana ::

:: Lesotho ::

:: Madagascar ::

:: Malawi ::

:: Mauritius ::

:: Mozambique ::


:: Namibia ::

:: Reunion ::

:: Seychelles ::

:: South Africa ::

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:: Zimbabwe ::


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Southern Africa has many top Game / Nature Reserves, and is home to many of the mammals of southern Africa. Numerous wildlife safari and tour companies operate guided tours to Southern Africa. Popular adventure travel activities in Southern Africa include: horse riding safaris, elephant back safaris, mountain biking, birding, wilderness walking trails, science safaris and volunteering especially for GAP year students.
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