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Guide to Volunteering in Southern Africa

Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteering has become big business in Southern Africa and many non-profit organisations rely heavily on the income they receive from volunteers. Fortunately many NGO's do still accept non-paying volunteers!

Volunteering in Southern Africa:

Environmental Rehabilitation Projects

Community Development Projects



:: Volunteering in South Africa :: while travelling why not volunteer with one or more of South Africa's rewarding wildlife conservation and community projects -- it's a great way to get hands on and personal with African wildlife and meet interesting people.


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:: South Africa :: volunteer while travelling with one or more of South Africa's rewarding wildlife conservation and community projects.


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Southern African Volunteer Projects


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Southern Africa has many top Game / Nature Reserves, and is home to many of the mammals of southern Africa. Numerous wildlife safari and tour companies operate guided tours to Southern Africa. Popular adventure travel activities in Southern Africa include: horse riding safaris, elephant back safaris, mountain biking, birding, wilderness walking trails, science safaris and volunteering especially for GAP year students.
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