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EcoJobs is searchable directory of current employment opportunities / jobs in the conservation, travel and tourism Industry (hospitality).

You can search the Career Pathfinders or Tshivingwi Bush Experiences (placements) websites until we have enough job listings in our database.

Although relatively scarce in South Africa, there are many maritime employment opportunities internationally. Examples include: eco tourism orientated yacht crew jobs; SCUBA dive masters; food & beverage managers; chefs; kitchen staff...

Job searches will be available for the following categories:

Photographer: EcoTravel Africa 

Interior Decorating
Tourist Guide
Travel Consultant (Agent)
Travel Marketing
Travel Photojournalist
Travel Web Design
Field Guide - FGASA I
Field Guide - FGASA II
Field Guide - FGASA III
Field Guide - FGASA SKS
Food & Beverage Chef & Kitchen
Game Lodge - General
Game Lodge - Maintenance
Game Lodge - Management
Game Lodge - Recep. / Office
Game Reserve Management
Hotel / Lodge - General
Hotel / Lodge - Maintenance
Hotel / Lodge - Management
Hotel / Lodge - Recep. / Office
Tourism Industry Health & Spa
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To be employed as a Tourist Guide:

The legal registration of field guides is done at the Provincial level through the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT).

FGASA qualified guides may conditionally register for a period until such time as THETA certificates are issued, with proof of:

  •  A FGASA certificate
  • A copy of the Declaration of Competence
  • A letter from the FGASA office

 To re-register as a Tourist Guide:

  1. You should be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Complete the relevant application form.
  3. Sign the code of conduct and ethics.
  4. Submit a certified copy of your valid First Aid Certificate
    (Recognised by the department of Labour).
  5. Include 4 recent clear, unmounted and identical full colour photographs of yourself (showing only head and shoulders) measuring 30 x 25mm.
  6. Pay the registration fee of R240.00 inclusive of VAT preferably in cash or with a bank issued cheque.
  7. Submit a certified copy of your ID book.
  8. Submit a copy of your work permit/passport (if applicable)
  9. Submit copy of your public drivers permit, if you have one.
  10. Submit copies of your curriculum vitae / qualifications (optional).
  11. Submit a copy of your language proficiency certificate.
  12. Submit a certified THETA certificate confirming your training and assessment.
    (or the conditional registration requirements for FGASA qualified guides)

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