The Sani Pass; gateway between the Southern Drakensberg and Lesotho

  This photograph of the Sani Pass was taken from the zig-zags

The Sani Pass was originally developed as a bridal path in 1913. This steep zigzagging pass climbs the face of the Drakensberg escarpment to an altitude of 2874m. The first vehicle negotiated the path in 1948 when it was no more wide boulder littered donkey track. It is now used for the most part by 4x4 vehicles and has become a highlight for tourists visiting the Southern Drakensberg.

The Sani Pass is the only access from KwaZulu Natal to the harsh environment of the Lesotho Highlands, the domain of the endangered Bearded Vulture, Basotho shepherds and their animals. The Route, aptly called the "roof of Africa", boasts to be the highest road in Africa and third highest in the world and peaks at a heady height of 3200m above sea level! Close to the Sani Pass summit, within a couple of kilometres, is the highest peak in Southern Africa, Thabane Ntlenyana, 3482m high.

Altitudinal Map of the Sani pass

Safari Tours up (and down!) the Sani Pass are offered by:

  • Sani Pass Tours -- Located at the clock-tower centre in Underberg, Sani Pass Tours offers day trips up (and down!) the Sani Pass and into Lesotho .
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Southern Drakensberg
Sani Pass in the Southern Drakensberg is easy from your Mountain Lodge.
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The Southern Drakensberg region includes the towns of Underberg, Himeville and Bulwer.


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