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EcoTravel Africa is an online travel guide covering the entire African Continent.


The Eco Travel Africa website, can be defined as a Travel Guide to Southern African Safari Adventures. The website concentrates on providing up-to-date and ecologically sound tourist information for the 10 Southern countries of the African mainland and including 5 Indian Ocean Island countries -- These include: Angola : Botswana : Comores : Lesotho : Madagascar : Malawi : Mauritius : Mozambique : Namibia : Reunion : Seychelles : South Africa : Swaziland : Zambia : Zimbabwe :

EcoTravel Africa's primary objective is to promote eco tourism by building mutually beneficial alliances between ourselves, the media, travel writers, photographers, and the travel industry.

We have found Google AdSense™ to be the most effective way to generate an equitable income from all our hard work!

The Media:

EcoTravel Africa has a mutually beneficial relationship with the printed media industry (magazines and newspapers). By virtue of our substantial advertising expenditure, we have negotiated the inclusion of "promotional" articles written by our travel writers. These high quality articles are provided free of charge to the magazines and newspapers.

Travel Writers:

Eco Travel Africa's travel writers are eco-travellers themselves -- they write their articles while they are travelling. All Eco Travel Africa travel writers are volunteers! Some "donate" articles to the EcoTravel Africa website as a means of gaining exposure for their work


EcoTravel Africa's photographers are both hobbyists and professionals. Photographers "donate" images / photographs to the EcoTravel Africa website as a means of gaining exposure for their work -- each pic has a credit link to an EcoTravel Africa webpage about the photographer or the photographers website e.g. Photographer: Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photography. Although the royalty free images and photos are free for anyone to use, EcoTravel Africa will soon have an online Stock Photo Store where professional photographers can sell their photographs.

Please leave the preset SUBJECT LINE -- "Photograph for EcoTravel Site" -- as is!

Include in the email body:

  • Photograph Details (where was it taken?, what is it of? etc. )
  • Photographer Details (photographers name, website address for link, etc.)

Details would appear as in the image above

Travel Industry:

The Southern African travel industry is very well developed compared to most of Africa. EcoTravel Africa is working on various marketing initiatives.


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