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Guide to Volunteering in the Pilanesberg National Park : North West Province : South Africa

Volunteer Projects
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Conserving the Pilanesberg National Park's biodiversity, abiotic resources [soil, water and rock] biophysical processes, unique landscape and historical / archaeological sites takes a graet deal of effort and money! Volunteers and sponsors are thus very welcome.

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The Friends of the Pilanesberg Society (FoPS) is a voluntary society which supports the North-West parks board with conservation of the the few natural areas of the province.

FoPS operates in the following parks:
- Pilansberg National Park
- Borakalalo
- Kgaswane Nature Reserve

Our volunteer Work Party weekends are held once a month in Pilanesberg National Park, Borakalalo and Kagswane (Rustenburg) and are a fun way to spend a weekend out in the bushveld utilizing members' skills in woodworking, brick laying, cement mixing, painting and digging!

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, loads of laughs, practical DIY work and who has an appreciation of nature would certainly want to come along and volunteer!

The volunteer projects we work on are in conjunction with Park requirements and FoPS generally raises funds or seeks sponsorship for the purchase of materials while our Work Party groups provide the labour. Other work party projects are alien bush clearing, building & maintaining hides, development of trails in Borakalalo and clearing of the Iron Age site in the Pilanesberg National Park.

Primary Objective

Within such legal restraints as may pertain at any given time, the aim of the Society is the conservation of the habitat and the fauna and flora of the Pilanesberg National Park and in any other area that the committee deems fit for any particular or exceptional reasons.


The Society is a non-profit organisation that works in conjunction with the North West Parks & Tourism Board. Once a project has been agreed on by the Board and the Friends of Pilanesberg Society (FoPS) committee, the Society attempts to obtain funding through both corporate and private sponsorship.

This is the ideal opportunity for you or your organisation to become involved in the ongoing conservation of our environment. All donations will be acknowledged in a manner most effective to the donor.

Bushveld Mosaic is affiliated to both the Friends of Pilanesberg and the Honorary Officers Organisation of North West Parks and Tourism Board (NWP&TB)

Bushveld Mosaic : Environmental Appreciation and Interpretation Course:

A course designed for people who have an interest in the environment and in wildlife conservation and would like to learn more, so as to better appreciate the " wide open spaces". Catering both for those in search of a broader understanding and those wishing to eventually pursue careers in conservation and eco-tourism.

Aim of the Bushveld Mosaic Course

To provide comprehensive instruction and guidance in the appreciation of the environment, with the aim of enhancing communication, practical, interpretive and educational skills of participants on the programme.

To create a body of informed people with a balanced view of conservation issues, capable of transmitting such information to other individuals and groups and thereby promoting attitudes and behaviour that will benefit conservation as a whole.

New Land for the Pilanesberg National Park:

The size of the park Pilanesberg National Park increased from 552 to 572 km² in May 2004 as part of a workable 10 year plan to establish a corridor between Pilanesberg and Madikwe Game Reserve. The 20 km² that was added on the north western was the first bit from Pilanesberg's side. On the Madikwe's side there has already been several additions towards the south east. There are also several private owners dropping fences from the middle moving towards Pilanesberg and Madikwe. Property that was 2 years going for R30,000/km² is now selling for R500,000/km². In the immediate future there concluding plans to have a huge piece of land to be added to Pilanesberg in the next 2 years.

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