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Pilanesberg National Park Ecology Guide : North West Province : South Africa

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Like all of South Africa's biomes and ecozones, the ecology of the Pilanesberg National Park is influenced by its geographical location and topography, and the biodiversity of its biotic communities which are dependant upon its abiotic resources -- soil, water and rock -- which are ultimately influenced by, amongst others, biophysical and chemical processes such as the weathering of the underlying bedrock...

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Apart from its unique size, shape and rock types, the volcanic origin and resultant weathering of the extinct crater has resulted in a diverse range of landscapes and associated vegetation communities.

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This provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Southern Africa. It also provides a wide range of habitats for game animals. Because of this, Pilanesberg National Park has the potential to carry a wider variety of game species than any other similar sized game reserve in Southern Africa.

Ecologically, the Pilanesberg National Park's potential for supporting rare and endangered species such as black rhino, roan, sable, tsessebe, foot-and-mouth free buffalo and wild dogs is particularly high. Furthermore, apart from its conservation value, the ecology of area has very high game viewing and resource products potential.

The Pilanesberg National Park exists within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari thornveld and wetter lowveld vegetation types, commonly referred to as "Bushveld" -- both are vegetation types of the Savannah Biome. Because of this transition zone, the ecology of the Pilanesberg National Park is unlike any other large game reserve, unique overlaps of mammals, birds and vegetation occur.

Atypically, springbok, brown hyaena, the redeyed bulbul, and camel thorn trees, species usually found in arid areas, are found cohabiting with moist-area-limited species such as impala, blackeyed bulbul and Cape chestnut trees.

The North West Parks and Tourism Board is resposible for conserving the Pilanesberg National Park's biodiversity, abiotic resources [soil, water and rock] biophysical processes, unique landscape and historical / archaeological sites.

About 40 white rhino have been killed by elephants at Pilanesberg National Park. The actual events are seldom witnessed, but the tusk marks are strong evidence. Rangers also check for spoor (tracks) around the carcasses. A few incidents of elephants chasing rhino have been witnessed. White Rhino injured by Elephants have typical tusk injury around the shoulders.

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