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Pilanesberg National Park Activities and Special Interests Guide : South Africa

Activities and Special Interests
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The idea of lions roaming South Africa would have had you laughed out of the bar a few years back but today, thanks to an ambitious project launched by an African entrepreneur, that concept has become a reality Pilanesberg National Park

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Photography: The colourful hues, varied habitats and panoramas will delight and entertain photographers and all but the most unobservant visitor. The Pilanesberg National Park offers

Night Drives: Like many hot and dry places the Pilanesberg National Park has a fair list night animals happy to sleep-out the heat of the day only to come out when it is cooler. Driving of private vehicles after sunset is prohibited in the Pilanesberg National Park so in order to see some of the many night animals one has to go on an official night drive. However, the gate opening/closure times do allow for some pre-sunrise and post-sunset game drives!

Science Safaris: scientific / veterinary safaris are where clients are actively involved in the immobilization and translocation of elephants, rhino, lion etc. -- the Pilanesberg National Park ...

Geology: The crater of a long extinct volcano is the setting of Pilanesberg National Park, the fourth largest game reserve / nature reserve in South africa. The crater is a fascinating alkaline complex produced by volcanic eruptions some 1300 million years ago. Pilanesberg is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world. Its rare rock types and structure make it a unique geological feature.

The area is fringed by three concentric ridges or rings of hills - the formation rises from the surrounding plains like a bubble. The structure of the park is termed the "Pilanesberg National Park Alkaline Ring Complex".

Ancient, even by geological time scales, this extinct volcano is the most perfect example of an alkaline ring complex. A number of rare (but not necessarily economically important) minerals occur in the park. Pilanesberg National Park Alkaline Ring Complex rates high amongst the world's outstanding geological phenomena.

Archaeology: The early presence of man can be seen in the numerous Stone and Iron Age sites that are scattered throughout the park.

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As one of South Africa's top Nature Reserves, Pilanesberg National Park, is home to many of the mammals of southern Africa. Numerous wildlife safari and tour companies operate guided tours to Pilanesberg National Park. Popular adventure travel activities in South Africa include: horse riding safaris, elephant back safaris, mountain biking, birding, wilderness walking trails, science safaris and volunteering especially for GAP year students.
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