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No-one can deny that the health of our environment is under seroius threat! It is obvious that the never ending demands on our planet rest almost entirely with the prolific increase in the human species and excessive consumerism by developed countries! Both need to be attended to if we are to have any chance of a future filled with any semblance of the nature we once knew!

How can we as ordinary citizens help? Volunteer and make a stand! It really will make a difference no matter how little you think you are doing. Think about it; if five hundred million cars used 100 litre's less fuel a year it would mean a massive saving of 50 billion litre's! Wow! 100 litre's to you is two tanks... nothing!

How you can help -

  • Volunteer - Have a look at our volunteer pages for more information on volunteer opportunities
  • Educate - Talk to people or help NGO's educate others about environmental issues
  • Act - Use environmentally friendly products and support environmentally orientated tourism operators / lodges

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