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This site has a new owner, me, Craig Fyvie. Although I was only an IT and marketing advisor to EcoTravel Africa in the formative stages, I will now be taking an active role in its future development. I am an EcoTraveller, so it seams apt that I should take this dynamic high traffic ugly-duckling of a website to greater heights. In fact, many of the original articles that are currently on the site were written by me some 7 years ago. As someone who has come from the database side of IT programming, I intend to add a many searchable functions to the site. This about us section will remain closed until we have restructured the pages to fit in with our new objectives.

You can give me a call on 084 601 2124 or e-mail me at knp@intekom.co.za (N.B. this is a new e-mail address!)

Thank you for you time!
Craig Fyvie - EcoTravel Africa

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