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African Civet - Civettictis civetta
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The African Civet is a very timid creature which is closely related to mongooses and genets. It is almost doglike, as it has a long body and bushy tail. When it is threatened its mane rises; the civet then turns sideways and exposes the crest to its fullest extent.

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African Civets are solitary, nocturnal animals which are primarily active for a few hours after sunset. They can sometimes be spotted in a family group of an adult and two or three youngsters.

The civet's diet consists of grasshoppers, beetles, wild fruit, rats, snakes, millipedes and carrion. They capture their larger prey with a series of bites, shakes and throws and sometimes have to leap aside to avoid being bitten in return.

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Best places to see the African Civet in Southern Africa:

Kruger National Park
Tembe Elephant Park

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