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Grey Rhebok - Pelea capreolus
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Grey Rhebok are slender, graceful antelope with long, slender necks, and very long, pointed ears.

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They have a stiff-legged, rocking horse gait, and show the white underside of their tail as they streak away, often upwards on the upper slopes of mountains. the grey rhebok's strong, bounding leaps and prodigious speed have sent many pursuing predators skulking off empty-handed.

The grey rhebok is mostly a browser, with a tendency to being a mixed feeder. Unlike the mountain reedbuck, it has little need for water.

Their main predators are caracals, jackals and eagles. Grey rhebok usually live in family groups of up to 12 animals, headed by a dominant male.

Only the males have horns, which rise straight up from the top of the head. The male grey rhebok is strongly territorial, establishing his ownership of land and females by uttering clicking sounds, staging threatening displays and urinating to mark territory. Although they fight fiercely during the mating season, grey rhebok rarely injure one another. A single young is born in November or December.

More facts about Grey Rhebok

Best places to see the Grey Rhebok in Southern Africa:

WHERE FOUND: Kruger National Park
Bontebok National Park
Addo Elephant National Park
Tembe Elephant Park
Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Mountain Zebra National Park
Karoo National Park

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