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Guide to the Cape Buffalo - Syncerus caffer of Southern Africa

Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) Bio Statistics
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The Cape Buffalo is large, heavily built and formidable, and is a well-respected member of Africa's 'Big 5'.

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Although Cape Buffalo are not normally aggressive, if wounded they become one of the world's most dangerous animals.

Cape Buffalo live in large herds, which even today can number thousands: one of the most impressive and frightening sights of Africa is the mighty stampede of a herd of buffalo thundering across the savannah plains.

SIZE: Shoulder height (m) 1,4 m, (f) 1,4 m; mass (m) 700 - 800 kg, (f) 550 kg. Both sexes have horns.

COLOUR: Reddish brown to dark brown or black. Males are darker, and both sexes darken with age.

MOST LIKE: Black wildebeest, but buffalo has black or dark brown tail and is much larger. The buffalo is also distinctly oxlike in appearance with heavily built limbs.

HABITAT: Savannah woodland and bushveld close to water.




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Cape Buffalo Bio Statistics
Interesting facts about Cape Buffalo
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