Grass species - grasses of South Africa and Southern Africa:

-- Southern African grass species list --

Grasses belong to the plant Family Poaceae (Gramineae), which falls under the Class Liliopsida (the Monocotyledonae). The Poaceae (Gramineae) is one of the largest plant families in the world with over 10 000 species world-wide. Of this number, just under 1000 species have been described from Southern Africa, of which just over 300 are endemic to the region and just over 100 have been introduced. More...

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Uses to Mankind:
The Grass Family contains plants such as wheat, sorghum, maize, rice, millet etc, as well as large plants such as 'bamboo'. It is not surprising, therefore, that the bulk of the world's food supply comes from this family of plants. Meat comes from stock that have fed on grasses. Eggs come from poultry that have fed on grain that comes from 'grass'. Butter and cheese comes from milk which comes from stock that has fed on grass, or grain from 'grass'. Sugar comes from 'cane' which is a grass. More...

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