Pilgrim's Rest - Mpumalanga - South Africa:

One of the best examples of a living museum, the Pilgrim's Rest village, is a replica of the early gold mining town. Gold was discovered in Pilgrim's Rest in 1873, and many restored miners' houses serve as accommodation establishments, shops etc. Among a number of fascinating places of interest, the Alanglade House Museum offers guided tours of the former mine manager's house.

The Pilgrim's Rest Diggings Museum (just over a kilometre south of town on the Graskop road) arranges conducted tours of gold-panning activities. The Dredzen Shop Museum consists of a store stocked with a range of items in use nearly a century ago.

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Tourists on safari to Pilgrim's Rest can visit the many museums in this historic town
Pilgrim's Rest Museum
Typical Pilgrim's Rest accommodation.
Pilgrim's Rest Hotel!

Horse riding trails through the Pilgrim's Rest Nature Reserve surrounding the town are conducted daily. Trout fishing is popular on the Blyde River. A great annual event to attend is the Pilgrim's Rest Festival in December.

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