God's Window and Graskop - Mpumalanga - South Africa:

At God's Window on the Drakensberg escarpment, majestic cliffs plunge over 700 meters to the Lowveld and the private game reserves which have made the area one of Africa's prime wildlife destinations. God's Window is a small part of a 250km long rampart of sheer cliffs - it indeed seems as if one can see forever! With its magnificent views, rock formations, canyons and waterfalls, God's Window is truly an area of breathtaking scenic grandeur.

Known as Paradise Country, this lush region has several spectacular natural features, including the awe-inspiring Blyde River Canyon with its myriad of unusual rock formations; and Bourke's Luck Potholes - created by swirling waters, rocks and pebbles - a surreal landscape of deep cylindrical cavities. The canyon forms part of a nature reserve, inhabited by various species of antelope, wild cat and birds, including the eagle, ibis, parrot and loerie.

Viewing sites are provided along the length of the canyon, including God's Window, and there are numerous walks, hiking, horse and mountain bike trails. Here, magical waterfalls spill down the escarpment, and with names like Lone Creek, Horse Shoe and Bridal Veil, a stopover at one of these cascades for a dip into the crystal clear waters, will refresh body and mind.

God's Window and Graskop are perfect en-route stopping points for those visiting the Kruger National Park.

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The Stunning veiw at the God's Window viewpoint
God's Window Lodge
Typical bush birding accommodation.
Bush Accommodation!

Nearby lies the romantic gold-rush town of Pilgrim's Rest. The entire village is a historical monument and has been preserved in the architectural style of the years between 1880 to 1915.

South of Pilgrim's Rest lies Mount Sheba Nature Reserve, a paradise of indigenous forest and river gorge wilderness. The forest contains more than 100 species of indigenous trees, including yellowood, white stinkwood, Cape chestnut and mountain cedar.

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