Shockwave Flash Maps

Take a look at the Kruger National Park Map
or the Southern Drakensberg Map

How to zoom in on the map.

ˆ Step 1: Move your mouse over the map.

ˆ Step 2: Right click and a menu appears.

ˆ Step 3: Highlight and left click "zoom in".
ˆ Step 4: The zoomed in result!
The shockwave flash maps used by the EcoTravel Africa website are a really easy way to navigate through an "area map" such as the Drakensberg or the Kruger National Park.The "screenshots" displayed here are of the the "Kruger National Park Map". We plan to have many interactive maps for most areas in South Africa including route maps etc. Please note that this map is not yet complete and is currently under development. In fact the site is growning at about 10-20 pages per day!The maps have many functions other than being "Maps"! Each map can have hundreds of interactive links on it!Move your mouse over the map area and it will turn into a "Hand"!Then by right clicking with your mouse on the map a menu will appear (Image 2). Menu options include amongst others:
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Show all
  • Quality •¬
  • Settings...
  • Print...
  • About macromedia Flash Player 6
NB. Make sure that you click in the area that you wish to zoom into!Select "zoom in" by moving your mouse and "left click" on zoom in to zoom in. You can zoom in many times to reach the desired level:The other functions actions are:
  • Zoom out - Click here to Zoom out.
  • Show all - Displays the default start-up map setting.
  • Quality •¬ - Sets the map image quality.
  • Settings... - Change the pluggin display properties.
  • Print... - Prints the whole map (Not advisable).
  • About macromedia Flash Player 6 - takes you to the Macromedia web site.
Once zoomed in, you can pan right, left, up, or down by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map in the desired direction. With some of EcoTravel Africa's maps you will also be able to use the windows scrollbar. You can then click on any of the the many interactive icons to navigate further. All the links will open up a mew window of which some will be small pop up windows. Most maps will include links to the following: 360° Surround Video's, single images & slide shows, information on animal and plant species, Ecozones, destinations etc.
Take a look at the Kruger National Park Map.

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