OK, this is not really a commercial page in the strictest sense of the word. Our aim is not really to make a profit !

We try to provide a comprehensive service to chess-players in South Africa.What this is about is to suggest ways and means of making it easy for chessplayers in South Africa to get hold of Chess apparatus like chess sets, chessboards, chess clocks and books.

We have a number of contacts through the chess world (local as well as international) and we try to get you the best prices for Chess sets, Notation booklets, Chess clocks, Chess books, Computer Programs, etc. etc.

Just write me an E Mail at omni@intekom.co.za stating what your needs are and we will see what we can do for you.

In addition, Tiekie does laminating of any sizes up to A4 at very cheap prices. This comes in handy for identification tags, board numbers, diplomas, photographs, etc. etc Very special prices for bulk orders (because then we can buy the laminating pouches in bulk). Once again, just send me an E Mail message.