N.C. Customs Consultants are South African-based consultants that specialise in providing their clients with up-to-date information about every aspect of importing and exporting, mainly into and from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia ( SACU ).  SACU is the acronym for the Southern African Customs Union.

Our clients range from:
  • smaller traders to large multinational corporations, and
  • include traditional legal publishers and electronic publishers such as e-Global logistic solution developers and Customs Information and Communication (ICT) companies.

We also work with customs house brokers (clearing and forwarding agents). 

Most of our clients are service providers to importers and exporters.

The Company was started in 1996 as N.C. International Trade Corporation by Leon Marais.

Before setting up N.C. International Trade Corporation, Leon Marais was an Assistant Director at the South African Customs Department (currently the South African Revenue Service (SARS)).

In addition to providing our clients with updated import/export information, we also assist our clients to negotiate with Government Departments in Southern Africa, and to dislove disputes they may have with the authorities.

We specialise in customs duty (import tax) management and tariff classification under the international Harmonized System (HS). Through Leon Marais we are authors of the Jacobsens Tariff Guide to Classification, which is published by LexisNexis Butterworths.  The Guide to Classification has been published since 1997, and is used by leading customs clearing and forwarding agents (customs brokers) in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU).

We are based in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.  However our clients are not limited to our provice.  We do not mind travelling to your premises, and have done so to various destinations.  Our largest clients are based in the main centres of South Africa, the USA and India.
Cell: +27 76 627 1100
Phone: +27 53 2030 727
Fax. 086 642 8986
e-mail: ncitc@intekom.co.za