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Dear Dr. Kobus Neethling,

The Asia Pacific HRM Congress is governed by Global Advisory Council which guides the strategic intent of the congress to its logical success. Your leadership and contribution to the field of HR and Creativity is well known. The position that you occupy in the fraternity is strategic and iconic. As a thinker and doer you are a role model and a believer in change. On behalf of the Chairman and Advisory Council, I would therefore request you to please accept the "ASIAN EXCELLENCE INNOVATION AWARD" at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress.The Award is in recognition of your Innovative Contribution and leadership. The Award would consist of a Golden Statuette and a Citation.

May I request to confirm your presence and graciously agree to be associated with the Asia Pacific HRM Congress.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Hilton
Project Director
Asia Pacific HRM Congress


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Daniel Silke - Talks for 2008

Content-Driven Keynotes

South African-themed and International presentations for conferences, corporate events & global seminars world-wide


South African Keynotes

The latest interpretation & analysis of the South African political, economic and social environment as the country moves closer towards the 2009 general election.

  1. The Post-Polokwane South Africa. New for 2008!

    Following the outcome of the ANC’s Polokwane Conference in December 2007, this detailed presentation chronicles the dramatic shift that has taken place within the ruling party and how it will impact upon South African society over the next 16 months in the run-up to the 2009 Election.

    The ANC's policy conference represents a turning point in SA politics. The party has entered the modern era – but where it will position itself remains to be seen. There are now ongoing divisions, power disputes and personality clashes that are likely to influence all aspects of the political administration and policy-making for the next year or more.

    This new Keynote will highlight the significant outcome of the conference, the new power-brokers within the ANC and the preparations for the all-important 2009 elections. It will focus on the ascent of the Zuma/Motlanthe faction and their fortunes as the country moves into election mode. South Africa and the ANC have changed. This new Keynote will explain, analyze and interpret these changes and will be available with immediate effect.

  2. Critical Issues Facing South Africa in the Future. Updated!

    Where is South Africa going in the future? Challenge your conference with a future-oriented and broad-ranging lecture offering an independent analysis of the major economic, social and political problems and trends facing the country. This may include (inter-alia) Labour, Skills shortages, BEE, Investment, Infrastructure, Aids, Zimbabwe, the role of the State, the quality of our Democracy, Race, Unemployment and the complexities of the Political debate going forward .  This Keynote Presentation can also be combined with an overview of Global Trends that are likely to impact South African business, economics and society in the next decade - or it can be purely focused on domestic issues. It may also be tailored to a broader and more focused Economic (or Political) analysis if needed. This is the Real Deal and provides a thought-provoking, honest and challenging new overview of contemporary South African problems and challenges.

    *May be tailored towards an economic analysis if required.

  3. South Africa in a Globalizing World. New for 2008!

    Do you know how South Africa ranks in the world? Are we competitive when compared with other nations? How desirable are we as a destination for outsourcing and as a location for off-shore services? Just how much are we part of a Globalizing world and how free are we – economically? These key questions will be addressed by Independent Political Analyst & Keynote Speaker, Daniel Silke, in his latest presentation*. By assessing the data from 4 major international surveys of South Africa, Silke will uncover the true status of the country in the global context. He will look at the advantages and disadvantages that the country enjoys and will offer a checklist of areas where improvements are vital if we are to move up the international rankings. If you would like to know where South Africa fits in – and who our major competitors are in the global game to secure business and investment, then this dynamic new presentation is for you!

    * Optimized for One Hour Duration

  4. Towards 2009: South Africa’s Parliament & Political Parties. Newly Updated for 2008!

    The most comprehensive analysis of South Africa’s political parties as they prepare for the 2009 general election. This keynote will focus on the prospects for splits, realignments and the formation of new political movements following the Polokwane ANC conference and looking forward to 2009. This presentation will cover the role of opposition in South Africa, the perpetuation of racially-based politics as well as an analysis of the cohesiveness of the ANC as ruling party.

  5. This is the New South Africa.

    A broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. A general overview of the system of government and the unique transition to democracy.  Ideal for in-bound incentive groups and other tour groups. This presentation also covers the ‘political geography’ of the country and outlines languages, ethnic diversity and coping with change from a political and social perspective.

International Keynotes

From Global Trends to the rise of China & India – these international Keynotes are fully illustrated and applicable world-wide and in SA.

  1. Tracking the Future: The Top 10 Trends that will Transform the Globe over the Next 20 Years – and Longer! Most Requested Presentation!  

    Do you know the future of the World? Get ready for a thrilling ride! Political Analyst & Futurist, Daniel Silke, presents a compelling and challenging new analysis of the top ten trends that will transform the world over the next two decades. Silke identifies 10 key areas of dramatic change (see lecture highlights following) that will affect all our lives – as individuals, in society or in the business environment. Some of these changes are already here – and many more are coming at a ferocious speed. Are you or your business ready to understand this and adapt? This Keynote Presentation* will identify and explain these changes in an all-encompassing talk - fully illustrated and not to be missed. It is designed to inform and entertain – and no two lectures are ever the same. Nor will be your thought patterns after this one!

    * Optimized for One Hour Duration

    Top 10 Trends Include:
  • China, India & the Rest – New Non-Western Giants & their Influence
  • The Changing Consumer Landscape – The End of Brand America?
  • Technological Connectivity – Transforming the Global Economy
  • The World of Innovation – The Knowledge Economy & the Effects on the New Workforce
  • Ethical Capitalism - The Role and Behavior of Business Under Scrutiny
  • Science & Health – Converging & Changing Human-kind
  • People & the Planet – Political, Economic & Social Challenges of Climate Change & Scarce Natural Resources
  • Prosperity & Dislocation – Clashing Cultures in the Globalization Debate
  • Power Diffused – The End of the Super­-Power & the Emergence of New Regional Players
  • Human Mobility – Grappling with Immigration, Migration & Multiculturalism in a Tense Society
  1. Global Change 2020: Tips, Trends & Predictions for the Future.

    Political Analyst and Futurist, Daniel Silke, mixes it up with a healthy dose of politics, economics, sociology, travel and consumerism in a brand-new presentation that is both enlightening and entertaining. This keynote lecture spans the Globe. It covers political and social changes across the world and focuses on economic, technological and human change as the planet grapples with Globalization and its effects. Having spent the last 5 years lecturing across the world, Silke’s presentation is international in scope. He identifies Global trends and changes – from the political to the spiritual and the financial to the criminal. He examines the decline of the nation, the rise of the region, the pervasiveness of the global shopping mall and the importance of migration on society. He identifies new trends in language, consumer behavior, and political expression and uncovers new dangers and threats to the world as rogue nations emerge. This is an all-encompassing talk, fully illustrated and not to be missed. It is designed to inform and entertain – and no two lectures are ever the same. Nor will be your thought patterns after this one!

  2. The Red Dragon on Safari: The Rise & Role of China in Africa. Hot New Topic!

    There is a new foreign power beating on Africa's doors. Trade between China and the African continent is growing at break-neck speed. As the Chinese economy expands, so does its economic and political ties with oil and mineral-rich Africa. This fascinating new lecture exposes the massive investments the Chinese are making and analyses this emerging – and potentially – controversial relationship. The presentation will focus on the key question: Whether Chinese investment will be good for African or is this just another attempt at plundering the continent of its immense riches and establishing a new colonial regime? This lecture is fast-paced and offers a unique insight into one of the most topical and vexing questions facing Africa today.

    Note: This Keynote can also describe the rise of India in the global economy or can focus specifically on that country as a dedicated presentation.

  3. Wake-UP! Chindia is Coming: The Role of China & India and the Threat to the Developing World. Hot New Topic!

    In this fast paced and stimulating presentation, Daniel Silke outlines the impact of ‘Chindia’ (China & India) on the global economic environment. The lecture focuses on the overheating economies of both countries and looks at specific examples of the effects of commerce and industry from these two emerging giants on existing markets. The aim is to inform with very specific economic and social data, the real impact of these two societies on the global economy – and the way they will affect the Developing World. By encouraging his audience to ‘Wake UP’, Silke will educate and motivate business to realise the influence these societies will have. This is the ultimate ‘Wake-UP Call’ and should be essential for all employees and management alike.
  4. Beyond Bush: The United States Goes to the Polls. Hot New Topic!

    The world’s most powerful country elects a new President in 2008. And, there are a host of candidates battling it out for the top position. This presentation describes and explains the US election process and analyses the top candidates in the field. For business executives traveling to the United States, understanding the US electoral process and the nuances of the differing personalities will be critical. For South Africans, the many differing US candidates offer a wealth of difference. Clearly, some will be closer to Africa while others will be more focused on domestic issues. Other issues discussed include inter alia, the rise and influence of religion on domestic US politics; the US as the world’s only super-power and limitations on US power and global relationships. Companies interested in expanding into the US – or who simply want to inform their employees of the latest developments are the key target for this keynote. This presentation will be constantly updated throughout the year following the results of primaries and outcome of new opinion polling.

  5. Life’s a Cruise! Living the Life of Luxury on a Cruise Ship. The Light-hearted Option!

    Having spent the last 15 years developing and delivering lecture programs on-board luxury cruise ships all over the world, Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke, now presents an entertaining and engaging look at the world’s luxury cruise industry and his experiences in visiting more than 100 countries across the globe.

    Life on board a cruise ship is the epitome of fantasy. Quantities of delicious food, outstanding service and exotic ports-of-call all combine to make cruising one of the fastest growing (and glamorous) sectors of the vacation and leisure industry worldwide. In this fully illustrated presentation, Daniel Silke will take his audience on a voyage of delight. He will cruise with you to the best buffet tables at sea; will introduce you to the most demanding passengers and their needs; expose the luxury cabins and suites only affordable to the super-rich and will offer a glimpse of some of the most exciting and unusual ports possible. This talk is a delight from start to finish. With his usual wry humour, Daniel Silke’s voyages around the world will not only bring a smile to your face, they will make you book your next ticket...or should that be voyage?!