The Threshing Floor of the Word

Die Dorsvloer van die Woord


Without the help of Diana Gallovich (Eighth Day Assembly) this extention of my personal ministry would never have been possible, not only did she encourage me to launch and publish this Web-site, she also provided me with the Symantec Visual Page Software needed for this purpose.

The Backgrounds, Banners and Graphics used on this web-site have been gleaned from friends who obtained them from various sources which are mostly unknown to me, while
others have been obtained from the following web-sites which I can with all confidence recommend to you.

Finally, but most important, I acknowledge and am most thankful for the
guiding hand of our HEAVENLY FATHER in the establishment
of this Web-site.

Pastor CSJ Claassen
PO Box 99
9460 South Africa

It would be appreciated if you would be so kind as to record any comments
you may have

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