Gospel Services Held
at Orange Grove Squatter's Camp
Thabong, Welkom
on Saturday, February 5th 2000

The following photographs will give you an idea of the conditions
prevailing in the Township.

The Road next to the Church Site showing some of the Homes
in the Township. The homes are built mainly with salvaged
corrugated iron. The "shacks" are extremely hot in the summer
and very cold in the winter. Most of the people living in this area lack
the most basic needs for survival.

The dusty dirt road behind the Church site. Most of the roads in the Orange Grove
section of Thabong are in an extremely poor state of repair with large ditches in the road and thus
we had some difficulty in reaching the Church site in our Car.
In rainy weather the dirt roads are almost impossible to travel.

The next three photographs show the "Tent" in which the services where conducted.

The " Tent Structure" was erected on a large piece of land which the
members purchased from the Welkom City Council for a nominal amount.
The "Tent Structure " has to be erected before each service and then dismantled after each
meeting because of the high level of theft and vandalism in the area.
The steel supporting poles are however cemented into the ground.
Hopefully, a Church Building will be erected soon.

Pastor Leslie translating for me from English into the South Sotho language
as I share the Word of God with the local Church.
The theme of my message was the need for repentance and a turning to Jesus
as the only hope for this sin ridden world.

Georgie, my wife teaching the local Assembly some new songs of worship with
the help of Brother Jopie Joubert, playing the guitar -a deacon in our Assembly -
who together with his wife attended the service with us.

A picture of a section of the Altar Call.
The message was very well received by the more then 60 persons present.
Almost all present responded to the Altar call.
The visit was most worthwhile.

Only that which is done for Christ will remain !
What a joy and privilege it is to work for our LORD and SAVIOUR
in this part of HIS vineyard !

Yours because of HIM
Cornelius Claassen

Pastor CSJ Claassen
PO Box 99

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