HIV-AIDS Counselling Course
held on
Sunday Afternoon
November 25th, 2001
Emmanuel Community Church
Kutlwanong, Odendaalsrus

The Turn-off into the Kutlwanong Township showing the view
of the Township from the Main Road.
The Kutlwanong Township is part of the Town
Odendaalsrus, a neighbouring town nearby Welkom.

We had arranged to meet Pastor L Bekwa at this small Shopping Centre
in the Township. It was agreed that we would Telephone the
Pastor on his Cellphone on our arrival at the Shopping Centre.
Opposite the Shopping Centre is an Telephone Shop
shown in the next Photo. Telephones are a luxury in the Township and most
people living in the Township make use of the Telephone Shop when
the need arises for the use of a Telephone.
On our arrival, we were unable to contact the Pastor
because of a problem with the Cellphone Service in the area!
We then decided to travel deeper into the Township to try and
find the Church on our own. Fortunately we were able to find
someone who was able to direct us to the Church!
(The Lord answered our silent Prayers)

Emmanuel Community Church were the HIV-Aids Counselling Course was held.
The Third Photo shows the Toilet a little way from the Church.
Ownership of the land is still not secure as the Church has still
to pay the Legal Fees and balance of the Purchase Price before the
land can be transferred into the name of the Church.
Once this has been done, hopefully, building will commence as funds become available.

Photographs of those attending the Counselling Course


Ann S Haga from Georgia USA, Teaching the Basics of Home Care.
Sharing with the Church some of the practical ways
in which we can help persons suffering with HIV-Aids.

Pastor Cornelius Claassen busy stressing that is essential and of
paramount importance that we introduce Jesus to all those we counsel.
Reminding those present that the definition of a Christian is one who has had a difficult
past but Praise God now has a glorious future!

The Roads bordering the Church Site showing some of the Homes
in the Township. The homes are built mainly with salvaged
corrugated iron. The "shacks" are extremely hot in the summer
and very cold in the winter. Notice the outside Toilets - there are no bathrooms
in the homes! Most of the people living in this area lack
the most basic needs for survival. The end Photograph shows the
local School which is directly opposite the Church site.

These Photographs will give you an idea of the conditions
prevailing in the Township.

Part of the Kutlwanong Cemetery nearby the Church.
The newly dug graves are a grim reminder of the
huge toll Hiv-Aids is reaping in the Community!
Already, more then half the recorded deaths in this Community
are Hiv-Aids related!

Only that which is done for Christ will remain !
What a joy and privilege it is to work for our LORD and SAVIOUR
in this part of HIS vineyard !

Yours because of HIM
Cornelius Claassen

Pastor CSJ Claassen
PO Box 99

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