Services conducted at
Christian Revival Centre
Chatsworth, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
on Sunday 7th July 2002

Dr Paul Lutchman extended an unsolicited invitation to me to preach
once again at the Christian Revival Centre, Chatsworth.
What a privilege and honour to stand in the Gap
and proclaim and sound out the Gospel
for our Master and Lord!

Pastoring a small Church in Welkom,
walking in Faith and trusting the Lord for our every need,
finances are often a huge problem.
Thus when the time arrived for us to leave Welkom
for KwaZulu-Natal (600Km-375miles)
I found myself without any Cash and an empty fuel tank.
We told no-one of our plight except the Lord in Prayer.
Knowing that if it was His will, our needs would be supplied.
We had decided to cancel the trip if our needs were not supplied.
And had also decided that we would ask no man for help
and furthermore would tell no man of our plight!
God is faithful and although our trip was delayed to the very last moment
we were able to travel to KwaZulu-Natal, arriving extremely late Saturday night.
Although often extremely stressful, it is also extremely
exciting to walk in faith in the service of our Great God!

Photographs taken as one travels to the Church
along Higginson Highway in Chatsworth

On the Left side of the Highway
Most of the people living in Chatsworth are Hindus
and the above Photographs show a Temple Complex.
(Oddly built mostly with monies from the USA)

On the Right side of the Highway
In the Background one can see the Minarets of a Mosque.
(one of many in the area)
The Moslem Community is an extremely powerful, wealthy
and influential Group in South Africa.

Some of the Homes as one travels towards the Church along the Highway.
More then a Million people of Indian descent live in Chatsworth.

Arrival at Christian Revival Centre, Crossmoor, Chatsworth, Durban.

View of the Exterior of the Church

Sister Isabella Lutchman leading the Church in Worship
with the Choir (left) and the Band (right).
Pastor Paul Lutchman in the Background.
Dr Paul Lutchman is the Founder, President and Senior Pastor
of Christian Revival Centre,
the Headquarters of a large number of affiliated Churches.
Have known Pastor Paul Lutchman for more then 12 years
and regard him as a sincere friend, an overcomer and a faithful servant
of our Lord and Saviour.

Attendance at the 7-30am Service
(First Sunday Morning Service)

Left Balcony View Middle Double Balcony View Right Balcony View

Pastor CSJ Claassen Preaching the Word

At the First Service the Message was
One more night with the Frogs
(Exodus 8: 1-15)

At the Second Service the Message was
A Pack of Wild Dogs
(Psalm 59: 1-17)

Both Messages stressed the importance of Prayer.

Attendance at the 10am Service
(Second Sunday Morning Service)

Left Balcony View Middle Double Balcony View Right Balcony View

Excerpt from the letter received from the Church
after the Services
"We thank the Lord for men of your high-ranking ministry who avail themselves
sacrificially for the cause of the Kingdom.
Our congregation has been motivated by your clarity,
blessed by the substance and rejuvenated by the impartation."

Signed by Dr Paul Lutchman (President)
Christian Revival Centre
Crossmoor, Chatsworth.

Pastor CSJ Claassen
PO Box 99

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