The Rambling Buffalo Golf Club

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The seed for this group of golfers and friends was sown by its four founding members on 5 July 1997 following a round of golf and much swilling of inebriating liquor.

Despite these somewhat dubious roots, the club has blossomed into a well established group of sixteen permanent members who meet on a monthly basis to grace the golf courses around the southern coast of Africa.

Meet the "herd"

The majority of this group of thirty-something's established their friendships at the Union Cricket Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This esteemed cricket club is admittedly more widely recognised for its healthy social fabric than its limited on-field successes.

The well established bonds and the competitive sporting natures are now exercised in a more genteel manner befitting the ever widening girths of the Buffaloes.

our missionFormal meetings of the Buffaloes are occasionally accompanied by little brown ales which tends to render our designated secretary to the literacy status of a pre-school child.

This could be one of the reasons why there has to date been no great compulsion to submit any Mission Statement to writing.



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