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The South African Wargamer  is published quarterly in Glenwood, Natal, South Africa.  SA WArgamer is a non-profit magazine and no copyright subsists in the contents, except where specifically indicated.

Opinions expressed by individual contributors are not necissarily those of the SA Wargamer or it's editor.  The editor reserves the right to edit material in any way deemed necessary.

Contributions of a Wargames nature are much appreciated.



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Articles :

Title Author/Source 
The Advantages of Playing Wargames  Carl Holliday
What happens during a wargame ?  Carl Holliday
Generic Near Eastern "Bronze Age/Biblical" Figures  Mike Schubert, Pretoria Wargames Club
Medieval Tactics And Command Barry Booysen
Zulu Army 1800-1850, Ancients Carl Holliday
Lone Warrior, and PBM  Kenn Hart and Carl Holliday
An unusual episode  Fradin DB., 1983
Weather On The Battlefield The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume VI
Ancients Zulu Army  Roberts, B.
The Causes of War  Captain Lemeul Gulliver
Could I speak to the Doge of Venice please?  Colin Leversuch-Roberts
A History of Tactics  Marius Bester
Notes on Tactics (1) : Infantry & General Tactics Marius Bester
Notes on Tactics (2) : Cavalry  Marius Bester
Notes on Tactics (3) : Artillery Tactics Marius Bester 
15mm Minifigs - An appreciation? Martyn Evers, Pretoria Wargames Club
 Assyrian DBM Armies Mike Schubert, Pretoria Wargames Club
A Roman Army on the Move  HMD Parker
Zulu Armies: DBM Bernard Haasbroek
DBM Zulu Army Carl Holliday
Battle Reports - SA Nationals May 2000 Carl Holliday
How to organize a wargames club Doug Melville
DBM Allies Carl Holliday
DBM 15mm Figure Element Basing Carl Holliday
Competition Scoring Colin Webster, President SAWU
Choosing a good DBM Army for Competition David Davidson, Peninsula Wargames Group
Eastern South African Armies in the DBM Balance Donald Mullany
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Articles  should please be typed, but handwritten material, if LEGIBLE, is acceptable.  If possible send in an ASCII file per e-mail, or on floppy disk, together with a printed copy.  As the master copy is reduced to A5 do not give a statement of scale on maps, please draw a line scale.  Please acknowledge, where appropriate, all sources.
Send all material to:
The Editor: SA Wargamer
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The Editor, Mr Richard Gordon, may also be contacted by telephone on (031) 201 7095.
However, if you would like to submit articles directly to this page, please mail me.
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