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The South African Wargames Union is the authorative body for all wargames in Southern Africa, including figure gaming, traditional games, and board games.

Historical Wargames is both a recognised sport and a powerful educational tool. The South African National Sports Council recognises the South African Wargames Union and allows it to award National and Provincial colours to players of distinction. School colours have also been introduced and awarded. As an educational tool, wargames teaches history in a revolutionary way, introducing dates and major events as an aside to the people aspect of the warfare simulated on the table top.

Historical Wargames aim at reconstructing real life historical armies on the table top and historical battles may then be re-enacted. These table top armies should closely represent their real life proto-types in all ways. It is therefore important to use figures which closely resemble the historical sources and in accordance with the design philosphy of the DBA & DBM rules, troops are classed into different categories, based on their historical battlefield function. For the Ancients priod, from 3500 BC to 1500 AD, De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) at 400AP (army points) is currently the South African standard sized competition army. This is quite big with between 50 and 120 elements to a side.

For more information feel free to contact the SAWU President, Mr Colin Webster, at wargames@iafrica.com or see their website.

L Kondlo - South African Champion
L Kondlo, the South African Draughts Champion in action.
Hugh Devlin - Irish Champion
High Devlin, the Irish Draughts Champion in action.

Saturday 19 May 2001 saw South Africa play its first test match in draughts, although test matches have been common in Europe and America for the past 130 years.

The test match was played at the Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Avenue, Lower Houghton in Johannesburg from 13H30 through to 17H30. The test consisted of two games where each player started once.

The entire draughts community in South Africa, as well as the South African Wargames Union as a whole, were most apprehensive about the South African Champion's (Lubabalo Kondlo's) chances as he was totally untried by international standards.

Hugh Devlin who is representing Ireland, is currently the Irish Champion, and a former winner of the Scottish Championship, British Open Championship, and British & Irish GAYP Championship.

The first match began with Lubabalo putting out a strong, but standard opening. His first game did not allow Hugh any opportunities to feed off any form of weakness.

After 52 moves Hugh Devlin resigned giving Lubabalo the first game.

The second game saw Hugh try a determined attack. Lubabalo held his ground and resisted any opportunity to allow Hugh to take any 'shots'. The game ended quickly in a draw.

Thus the first test match that South Africa has ever played has been won by South Africa.

The large spectator turnout was indeed most pleased with the result.

Colin Webster
South African Wargames Union
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