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Minifigs 25mm casting of Napoleon, unpainted, JJ Haasbroek, 1998
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Manufacturers of miniature figures
Wargames related sites: Miscellaneous (non wargames related) sites

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 Manufacturers of miniature figures:
  15mm Wargames Miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children under the age of 13 years. Figures may contain lead.
Manufacturers & Suppliers
Chariot Miniatures  Chariot Miniatures home page with on-line catalogue.
Donnington Miniatures  The Donnington Miniatures' home page, and email. Good figures, in hard white metal.  Extensive Eastern Medieval range.
Essex Miniatures  New and old ranges with a secure web-site for on-line orders.   Ranges go from early Biblical, through Classical Ancients, Renaissance, Colonial into Modern & Science Fiction. .
Haus of Stuff Manufacturers of 15, 20, 25 mm Frontier, Outpost, Victorian Classic, FF20, and Eagle historical wargame miniatures.  Distributor for BPCast 20mm WWII resin vehicles.  Large photo gallery of miniatures.
Geo-Hex Modular Terrain System Battleground terrain sets, miniatures, strategic tabletop games by Geo-Hex.
Minifigs  Includes a link to Guardroom. New ranges include Renaissance and Napoleonic figures in animated poses.
Museum Miniatures  This is a fantastic web-site with photographs or scans of most figures.  A brand new Egyptian range is on the horizon! The Chinese figures are based on the Terracotta army.
Ral Partha The best manufacturers site, with photos of all their available products!  Unfortunately only accepts orders from the USA.  Sadly, they recently cancelled all historical figure ranges.
Brookhurst Hobbies   See this site for Two Dragon Productions.
The Foundry   Ex Africa, semper aliquod novi. Link to their official site.
Jix Hobbies  SA flagJix stocks 15mm Wargames Figures for the South African market.   Located in Pretoria the shop has a wide range of DBA Ready Made Armies for sale.  They also stock modelling equipment and hobby products. 
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 Wargames related sites:
De Bellis ...
De Bellis Multitudinis
Richard Bodley Scott, one of the authors of the DBM Rules. He lists a whole range of advice and ideas about DBx wargames.  

  DBM 3.0 and errata are listed here. 

DBM is published in the UK by the Wargames Research Group and is available from them:
 WRG The Keep
 Le Marchant Barracks
 London Road, Devizes
 Wiltshire SN10 2ER
 or send email to The Keep.
  • For official South African provincial and national events, see the SAWU page.  
  • For competition related DBM clarifications, see the BHGS page.
Fanaticus / DBA Resource Page This site is dedicated to DBx related wargames. This site is also the home of the DBA Resource page. If you are new to wargames, please visit them
Nick Salmon Nick Salmon's page with a set of 'home grown' wargames rules.  Uses very small armies and mechanisms not found in DBx
Back to contents  Associations & Clubs:
Axis and Allies For those interested in this WW2 based game.
Battlegames Online Magazine for Wargamers.  UK based. Designed by Henry Hide.
BHGS British Historical Games Society. Hosts of some the most prestigious wargames events in the United Kingdom. In order to facilitate competition play they research problems experienced by players/members and provide clarifications on DBM.
De Bellis Homepageius   This site has information on everything you ever wanted to know about DBA/DBM/DBR related wargames, including a section on Colonial wargames.
Schild & Vriend A Belgian Students Wargames club's web site, one of the best non-commercial sites on the web, maintained by students of Leuven.
Society of Ancients  Society of Ancients
Perhaps the oldest and most prestigious wargames organisation in the world.
SAWU South African Wargames Union, the umbrella body for wargames in SA.  Protea Colours are annually awarded for figure gaming, draught (checkers) & moraba-raba.
St. Enda's Eagles St. Enda's Eagles. A school wargames club, playing a wide variety of games. Also see Phil Barker's DBSA Fast Play Rules for beginners.
THS  Das Team fur Historische Simulationen ist ein Freundeskreis, der sich mit Spielen aus dem Bereich Tabletop / Wargame beschaftigt.  Click on the British Flag to see the English version of the site.
Wargame.com Host of the Wargame web ring.
Wargames & Related Magazines Get access to Lone Warrior, journal of the Solo Wargamers Association!
Wargames Forum Wargames info in abundance.  Perhaps the heart of wargames in the UK.
Wargames South Africa Mailing List The "Wargames South Africa" Email List is a group of wargamers dedicated to the discussion and promotion of wargames in South Africa. To subscribe send an email to wargamessa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or click on the link to the left. Or mail the current Administrator Kevin Hoyle for more information.
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 General Wargames related sites:  
Strategic Map Simulator Download version 2.2 of this great shareware map generating software free from the web.  Excellent for creating campaign or scenario maps.
Darryl Wagner   South African site. If beer & pretzel Vietnam wargames rules are what you're after, look at this. 
The Miniature Codex And Myth Links to numerous manufacturers.  If you want to see what painted figures look like, look at this!
JW Associates Designers of QWXYZ, the first of a new genre, a realtime strategy-wargame fusion, where the units are truly programmable.  For more info also see the press release.

The Quartermaster General
Russian Generals and Naval Commanders of the Napoleonic Epoch
   This site is about Russian Generals and Naval Commanders that took part in the Napoleonic Wars. It is maintained by Nick and Helen Mozak in Russia. At this site you can see a lot of interesting things from the Russian sources translated into English, with many colour illustrations (portraits, pictures of battles etc)
Manessa Codex The Medieval Manessa Codex is explained in this German website. Click on the link named "Tafeln der Manesseschen Liederhandschrift" close to the bottom of the page. All rights reserved by the Univeristy of Heidelberg, Germany. German.
European Heraldry This site contains a wide selection of heraldic devices with explanations. Ideal for ideas on how to paint the heraldry of the medieval royal and famous! French.
Zurich Roll of Arms This site explains the Zurich Roll of Arms in dual English and German. Scanned images of medieval banners and coats of arms from the original Zurich Roll. English and German.
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 Miscellaneous (non-wargames related) sites :
Amazon.com  If you haven't bought a book from the world's largest bookstore yet, now's the time ! 
Ananzi SA flag South Africa's best search engine.
AskJeeves  Got a question? Ask the Butler! Ask Jeeves, a very friendly search engine. 
Jokes Jokes Jokes Need we say more ?
User friendly  Humour for geeks (i.e. if you love Linux and hate MicroShaft)
Dilbert online   'nuff said.
TicketWeb Contact these guys if you want to book tickets for anything.
PPS SA flag PPS Insurance Company Limited, protecting graduate professionals.
Die Knoop SA flag Die Knoop, waar Afrikaanse draaitjies op die net bymekaar kom...
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