How to organize a club


ByDoug Melville

(based on email sent to the DBM Mailing List, 2000-06-14)


1.                  Get the best venue that you can - it is much easier to attract players when you have a good venue.  Otherwise they will simply play at home.

2.                  Make sure your membership fees *nearly* pay the cost of the venue (you can make up the rest from selling junk food at the venue).

3.                  Don't let the ones who want to run the club - run the club, (see Plato)

4.                  Make sure you encourage all standards of gamers, and have people you know help to let beginners start gently.

5.                  Have a written constitution.

6.                  Hold official meetings outside club meetings, the rest of the players don't want to hear you discussing delegation of duties.

7.                  Encourage a wide range of games.

8.                  Have a small committee - maybe 3-5, but make sure you can recruit other players as required - an organizer for events etc, a secretary/treasurer and a president.

9.                  Don't have people on the committee who will talk and talk, but do nothing.

10.              Explore all possible publicity - contact local museums, libraries, newspapers, etc.

11.              Hold regular display games of the highest standard you can achieve at non-wargaming venues and events to catch public interest (make sure that the game is not something historically politically incorrect - such as SS panzer Divisions v NKVD Divisions).

12.              Arrange a roster of players who will look after a 'canteen' at the venue. This will substantially increase the revenue.

13.              Build up 'club' possessions, not figures, people will buy them themselves, first of all if you donít have tables, get some boards, then hold a club 'working bee' with some emulsion, sawdust etc to turn these into playing boards (good fun if you do it right) - terrain and a library are probably the best options.

14.              Make sure that the 'club' stuff(terrain/library etc) is available to all, and not just shared back and forward between a small clique.

15.              Run one competition (at least) a year - get sponsorship.