Lone Warrior and PBM
By Kenn Hart and Carl Holliday

The following information was obtained from Kenn Hart, currently the Secretary to the Solo Wargamers Association and the Editor of Lone Warrior.

The Solo Wargamers Association was founded in 1976 and produces its own A5 magazine of more than 52 pages quarterly, world-wide. This publication is called Lone Warrior and usually features articles on solo wargaming, campaigning, letters and comments, reviews and general hobby news of interest to members, by authors such as Godfrey Bailey, Douglas Shand, Andrew Freeman and Donald Featherstone.

Some of the services that the Solo Wargamers Association provides for its members include Play By Mail facilities, with lists of current and future games, plus tips on how to play by mail. One unusual feature of the Solo Wargamers Association is that they have a Library: Probably the biggest free loan wargaming library in the world!

Besides featuring the usual letters from members, Lone Warrior also reviews new figures, other magazines and other topics of a wargaming nature. Advisers are available, usually someone like Donald Featherstone who advise players or volunteer advice.

Lone Warrior acts as a vehicle for conveying ideas and opinions between members, and creates the opportunity for players who have limited time, funds, facilities or opponents available to still enjoy a game. The facilities provided show how to Play by Mail, play with Miniatures or with Boardgames. The Solo Wargamers Association currently has no members in South-Africa, though all other countries are fairly well represented, with many members from the stronger wargaming countries. Many figure manufacturers also give discounts to members of the Association.

Subscriptions to Lone Warrior run from June until June the following year and subscribing from South-Africa will cost something in the vicinity of R120.00 odd a year.

Any interested parties are invited to write to:

Solo Wargamers Association

c/o Steve Moore

120 Great Stone Road


Manchester M16 0KD

England/United Kingdom

Check it out!