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South African flag The Assegai Central Wargames Forum is all about wargames and is devoted to assisting the wargamer and players of related games to get the most from their games. The focus is on games which enable the player to match wits against other humans through play with models and/or role playing.  The Gallery and SA Wargamer pages contain information concerning these and DBM Historical wargames. More new stuff on DBM has been added in the SA Wargamer section.  In addition it is hoped that the articles in the SA Wargamer section and the pictures in the Gallery will inform the casual observer and stimulate eager new players.

For the moment the Assegai Wargames Forum is primarily intended as a medium of exchange for the wargames community of Southern Africa, within itself, with the South African public and with the world.

This site will host a repository of wargames resources. It includes images, articles and rules for campaigns. If you have something to contribute feel free to contact us.


Lots & lots of new pics added to the Gallery                                                     New articles on the SA Wargamer page as well!
" What's all this fuss about  ?"   

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International Wargames Federation - Official emblem of the 2002 World Individual Championships (Zulu Shield, with IWF emblem super imposed). 
World Individual Championships, Durban, March 2002

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