African Gallery is at the forefront of a new and innovative concept in art distrubution  and marketing. We strive to represent African artists and to achieve maximum exposure of their work, via the medium of the internet. Our virtual gallery on the Web is a means of breaking the stranglehold that African artists so often experience when attempting to achieve exposure of  work that deserves attention. The Internet medium is the most effective and design-innovative method of spanning the globe, an essential step in today's communication and technology oriented world.

Not only does African Gallery ensure that the artist's work is effectively marketed, but in addition, we represent the artists in all spheres of sales, marketing, and negeotiation relating to the distrubution of their work via the internet, leaving the artists unfettered in the creative process. This includes regular updating of web pages, the organisation of exhibitions and the creation of a database for each artist for speedy and detailed reference to the body of their work.

African Gallery is committed to excellence of design, to personalised service and to flexibility at all times, ensuring the achievement of our primary goal, that of bringing African artists to the forefront of today's art world.

Rowan O'Neill & Maynard Goldsmith.

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