This magnificent picture of the African Fish Eagle, (Haliaeetus Vocifer) was 'borrowed' for your viewing pleasure.

Customized tours, to suit the most discerning tourist.

To fill in the 'gap' for visitors to our town, we have a range of inexpensive tours, which are designed with the object of taking people to those out of the way places, in a more laid back style. We do not claim to infringe on any of the other tour operators, but merely to service those guests who feel that they would enjoy something different.


Start off at the colourful tourism office in the centre of town. With a fresh juice.
   Catch the canopied barge as it sails up river, which is navigable for 25 kilometres.
   Snack & drinks are supplied, & the guide, who is a birding expert, will point out all the birdlife of the Kowie River.  Three hours later, you will sail around the ROYAL ALFRED MARINA, & end your journey, in the small boat  harbour, where you will be met by a host who will escort you to the Halyards Hotel, to where you will dine on a meal made in heaven!    R180.00 per person.
Meet at the office, from where you will be taken on a tour of the DULCE ICE CREAM factory in KENTON -ON-SEA.
A trip to BUSHMANS RIVER beach, coffee at ALLEY'S Coffee shop in Kenton, a quick trip to to DAVEYS' LOCKER, and a wonderful journey around the SOUTH WELL back roads, ending at THE BIG PINEAPPLE, (SUMMERHILL FARM)  in Bathurst. Tour Bathurst and the historical sites (see 'neighbours').  The entire countryside is an interesting contrast, with wonderful flora and fauna along the roads.   All inclusive of snack & drinks.  R150.00 per person.

Start off at the T.i.C office, at a time that is convenient to everyone, usually at 9.30am.
A glass of freshly squeezed juice, and all aboard the "AFRICAN QUEEN" & the "KOWIE QUEEN". From there, we sail up the river for approximately 2 hours.  Stopping off at the Old mill, and meeting up with the guide who will escort us through the beautiful KOWIE NATURE TRAIL.   We have canoes tied aft, for those that would like to explore further, and for the brave, they may swim to 'Waters meet".  This is a shallow area, where the river meets the freshwater.   Sail back down the river, when everyone has had enough, and land at CENTENARY PARK for a picnic lunch/brunch fit for kings!   Our staff are on hand to serve everyone and after a leisurely stroll through this historic area, we sail back to the office.  Tours take about 4 to 5 hours depending on the weather.      As these tours are so very laid back, there are always surprises in store.   All eats & certain drinks are included.
Minimum pax 10. Maximum pax 50 if both boats are used.  R180.00 per person.

Meet at the office for a coffee & snacks. From there, you will be escorted through the town, (walking) to view the historical sites.  We have a little booklet, which is a wonderful memento and the guide is an expert on all of the history of the town. View the wondrous ancient trees, which are all marked, and stop on the way for shopping or a drink. For those who are fit, walk back to the office for lunch, or, if the going is too tough, we will transport you back to the office for the most delightful lunch. If the tour is taken in the afternoons, a delightful sunset supper is provided, with our local beer for those who would enjoy this.  The tour is intended for those who are interested in history and enjoy something a little different from the norm. Children are welcome and depending on the weather, the supper can be a braai on the river banks.
R120.00 per person.  Approximately 4 hours.

These tours are only a fraction of the suggestions that we can arrange for those who are at a lose end? Need company and entertainment.  Some of the others.

  • Walk around the Royal Alfred Marina, with bev.
  • Have a braai on the dam out of town, followed by night game drive.
  • Sail around the marina, followed by a meal at Halyards, or at a home on the marina.
  • Arrange to go to THANDWENI lapa for the afternoon, followed by a braai in the lapa.
  • more coming, this page is under contstruction......



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