In our busy little town, the fact that we are so ideally suited to serve the surrounding areas.  Trades people of all descriptions have arrived here, settled and set up an interesting melange of various businesses.

In fact, after coming to live here, together with our 'food basket' of products, we have service to suit most tastes.

All the following people are members of our tourist bureau, for which we are eternally grateful.  Not only do they support our on going efforts with their fees, but they form a 'showroom' for the town.

Visitors who come into our delightful office are constantly amazed at the variation of products and professional service that are offered.

Without further ado.  We list these here, with their relevant details and contact addresses if possible. There are obviously many more not listed, but since tourism is a business, we list only those who are members.

Where possible there are email addresses, or telephone numbers. ZA code is +27 area code 046

  • Leach Pharmacy. Our loveable, always helpful pharmacist.
  • D & A Timbers.For all your hardware needs. (624-1103)
  • MICA/Builders hardware. Another comprehensive hardware store.
  • Mrs pryces pets. Superb pet accessories, and fun things for all.
  • weatherstar. Handmade nautical and marine gifts.
  • wharf street liquor store. Drink and be merry, they deliver too.
  • thandweni truck stop. A super place for truckers to camp overnight.
  • ilanga nurseries.  Wonderful selection of plants and pots. (046-624
  • spar supermarket.  Simply the best.
  • kowie friendly grocer.   A specialist supermarket with divine chicken!
  • blue & bright. Gifts for all occasions.
  • muddy lane. Hand made pottery and gifts.
  • beavers pies. Yummy!
  • house of africa.  Curios from all over Africa. (624-3733) they fetch you as well!
  • CREAtive designs. Curios from all over Africa, t-shits & decor.
  • budget cars.   Helpful and efficient.
  • imperial cars. wonderful service.
  • homenet. Estate agencies amongst other businesses.
  • SEEF  PROPERTIES. Estate Agencies. Letting. Selling.
  • PAM GOLDING. Estate Agencies. International.
  • KEVIN HENY.Estate Agencies. Letting agents as well.
  • DYNAMIC PROPERTIES.Estate Agencies.
  • f.n.b bank. Where we put our hard earned money.
  • the flower boutique.Glorious bouquets for all occasions.
  • talk of the town.       Our unique weekly newspaper, in magazine format.
  • kowie announcer.    Our unique weekly newspaper.
  • sunshine juice factory. Yummy! fresh juice for all.
  • dule ice cream factory.  Ice cream made in heaven.
  • feathers egg farm.
  • alleys coffee shop.
  • the garden nanny.  Max & his gang will look after your garden.
  • k.n.a. stationers.
  • St. francis health resort. The best thing since diamonds.
  • the frameworks.  For framing & colour copies

  • . DR. GRIMBEEK. Who cures all our aches and pains.


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