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PORT ALFRED: Eastern Cape.

This glorious picture taken from the air, of the river mouth, shows the incredible Royal Alfred Marina on the right, and the pristine beaches, where surfers & sail boarders find so much enjoyment.

The Kowie River, which is navigable for 28 kilometres, snakes lazily through the most spectacular, unspoilt park like land, sheer cliffs and unique indigenous trees that are so special to the Eastern Cape.  While sailing up the river, you are overwhelmed  by the bird life, the tranquility and the absolute beauty of the surrounding hills.

Fishing and 'crabbing' as well as prawning are done in the river, and there are many a local who will tell you tales of 'cob hole' and the 'big bugger' who lives up there.

Approximately 20 kilometres up the river, is the 'horseshoe' an unusual and now very famous bend in the river.  There is a camp, at the place called 'waters meet,' which is run by conservation, from where you may stay overnight and canoe back down the river. (for the very fit!).

Port Alfred is famous for it's ability to 'feed' itself.
  • Sunshine juice farm.
  • Chicory. info coming soon.
  • OLD FOUR LEGS, the brewery in the town.
  • FEATHERS FARM, where we get our eggs.
  • Cant remember the name, where we get our fresh chickens.
  • Wharf street liquor store, where we buy our supplies from.
  • LEACH PHARMACY, when we need medicine and comfort.
  • GUIDOS, for the best pizza in town.
  • THE HIGHLANDER, when we want to pub crawl.
  • BUTLERS, when we want to eat out.
  • KEG & KOWIE, for the best pub grub.
  • ILANGA NURSERY, when we want to garden and plant fruit trees.
  • THE LINKS, for a different kind of meal.
  • THE GALLEY, for eating and lazing in the sun.
  • THE BUCK & HUNTER, for a different kind of outing & food.
  • BEAVERS PIES! famous all over South Africa.
  • THE HOTELS, who all serve sumptuous meals and ensure our enjoyment. Kowie Grand. Halyards. Victoria Protea. The Ferrymans.

  •                     We have our own newspapers!

    TALK OF THE TOWN.         KOWIE ANNOUNCER.                   

    Talk of the Town, has a webpage.

      We have a marina, the ROYAL ALFRED MARINA, a truly one of a kind in the world.

      Some of the homes on the marina.
    KAP RIVER VALLEY HIKE.  A magnificent hike, at a state owned reserve. There is canoeing, overnight stays at the lodge and scenery that is unforgettable!
    BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! the walk takes approximately 5 hours.   telephone 046-625--0631
    If there is no one in the office please leave a message, the ranger is only in office in the early mornings & late afternoons.
    Canoeing & hiking trails, picnic & braais, also overnight stays.  15 kilometres from PA on the East London road.  Canoe up the West Kleinemonde River ( non tidal) for about 90 minutes to reach KAYAK CAMP, with full overnight/picnic/braai facilities & equipped for 6 to 8 people.  Short trails near camp through riverine forest with labelled indigenous trees & cycads. Canoe further upriver where forest meets waters edge & slip into the domain of the rare PYGMY KINGFISHER & the CAPE OTTER. Alternative access with 4x4 to within 500 metres of the camp by arrangement. Telephone Peter & Anne 046-675-1060/59 or home, 046-6242881.

    A stiff uphill trail, approximately 30 minutes, which brings hikers to the top of the beautiful Sarel Hayward dam wall, (not accessible by road).  Home of the FISH EAGLES. Hours 7.00 to 17.00. 15 kilometres from Port Alfred.

    ORIBI  HAVEN  This is a natural heritage site!
    Experience living at its best! Situated between Port Alfred & Kenton on Sea on the R72.
  • Two bed roomed cottage with sea view.
  • Fully equipped with television, microwave & stove etc.
  • Self catering.
  • Ideal for a family holiday.
  • Abundance of small Antelope.
  • Easy trails for game viewing, bird watching, beach walking & photography, fishing & surfing.
  • Beautiful beach walks with ideal swimming conditions.
  • Indigenous ORIBI buck.
  • email Wallo & Jenny Currie.
    A very special and personal spa. Beautiful & tranquil setting, with all health related amenities offered for your comfort. Holistic health care and ultimate relaxation.
    essential to book well in advance  It is set on a farm, just our of town, and the walk are glorious..
    summer hill farm  estate.
    A holiday conference cultural and family experience.
    Touch farm, children's playground. Glorious dinning room and pub. Quaint rooms, all fully equipped. All of this set in a PINEAPPLE estate, 15 kilometres from Port Alfred. See "Our neighbours page" for further details and pictures.
    A few of the boring rules & regulations, but none the less, very important!
    NO children, (under 15) unless accompanied by an adult, may drive a boat that has a motor.
    REGISTRATION: At harbour masters office. fax 046-6244587
    FEES: R40.00 Western District Council river usage fee.
    Registration fee. R20.00 + R1.50 per h.p over 30 h.p.
    There are different fees for deep sea boats. No charge for sailing boats or other types.
    The Port Alfred Bowling club is situated on the banks of the Kowie river near the Nico Malan bridge.
    The tennis courts are near there & the keys are obtainable from the tourism office.
    The squash courts are behind the Ski boat club. Enquiries at the club. There is also Croquet!

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