This is going towards the Transkei Wild Coast.
With some really interesting bits & pieces about the places.
Some of which are repeated on the shipwrecks site, harbours & water sports site and attractions site.
               Things to do and see along the road from PORT ALFRED.
             Eastern Cape. South Africa.
  • Settlers Church. National Monument. 1827. opposite the BP garage. 1820 cemetery.
  • Sculptured Design. Hand tufted rugs & carpets in unique designs. Open all week.
  • Ilanga Nurseries. Gorgeous tea garden, with waterfalls and ducks to entertain you.
  • Thandweni truck stop. overnight truck stop. Also the venue for some amazing parties in their Stone rondavel.
  • Honey Bee farm.  Birds and walks, and yummy honey.
  • Rufanes Farm & horse trails. Horse riding & night drives.
  • Riet River. 12kms from PA. Sign posted. Park & walk to THREE sisters rocks.
  • Three Sisters. (Webb farm) Horse rides. Game & overnight stay in tree house.
  • Tharfield Cottage. on the above farm, amazing walks and birds to view.
  • GREAT FISH POINT LIGHTHOUSE.  19kms. phone keeper. 046-675-1067
  • Sherwood Crafts. 19 kms. Cottage industry. Pig Sty coffee shop.
  • Cylerville Church. National monument. 4kms beyond Sherwood crafts. Built 1839.
  • The Bus Stop. 22kms. Craft shop centre & old double decker bus.
  • Nature View Farm Stall & tea garden. 24kms.  Overnight stays. Craft. trails. 046-675-1099
  • Kleinemonde Resort. Magnificent resort on the Lyndock River.
  • Seafield Resort.  Beautiful resort.
  • Gaileys Hunting concession. Not open to the public viewing as yet.
  • Fish River Diner. Quaint diner on the Fish River Bridge. Wonderful fishing spot.
  • Fish River Sun Hotel.  28kms. Hotel, golf course. 040-675-1101.
  • Mpekweni Sun Marine Resort. 40kms. Hotel. Glorious beaches. 040-675-1026.
  • Puti Lodge.  Game reserve, open to the public.
  • Kap River reserve. A glorious reserve, which is three reserves in one. State owned.
  • Village of Wesley. 58kms. BIRA crafts & M 'n J's coffee shop. Crafts & food. 040-677-1036.
  • Hamburg. 61kms. On the banks of the Keiskamma River. Beaches & hotel.
  • East London. 150kms from Port Alfred.



    The entire country side, as you drive along the highway, is dotted with magnificent flora. In the early mornings, if one is lucky, monkeys sit along the road. Many Bushbuck have been seen along here,& as we progress, more & more game reserves are opening up.  One sees all the game fencing in evidence of this.
    Remember! Port Alfred as a destination, is not so much the place, although that is incredibly beautiful, but the exciting things that one can do when you get here.
    If you do not want to anything but rest.  Then that is what you will do.  Combine this with the diners, the shops and the friendly people in the town, and you have a near ideal heaven to make your one and only holiday place in the Eastern Cape.

    Not only do we have "THE MOST JACKED UP TOURISM BUREAU IN THE EASTERN CAPE" ( Sunday Times Explorer team), but the people who live here, who work here and who take much of the beauty for granted, are part of the interest.

    From small businesses to artists, we have it all.

    dive sites? oh yes!

    a few more?
    There is a perception in the air, that we are a retirement home? not so.  We are so special, that people are scared to tell.  That is, in case the whole world discovers the secret.  Come and share in our bounty, you will never want to leave.


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